Braintecness: The Next Generation Mindfulness; the Latest Science of Becoming Your Pure Self.

Sajid Khan
4 min readFeb 8, 2013


/ The Art of Living Life in Pure Emotions Developed Further.

Braintecness: A New Invention, Advancing the Frontiers of the Mind Sciences.

For All Those Who Are Emotionally and Physically Tired. Those Who Are Restless and do Not Know Why and Those Who Have Not Known Pure Happiness and a Pure Life; Please Wake up to Braintecness.

America is Largely a Trophy Self Image Driven Society. America Can be Changed Into a Pure Self Society. The Majority of Americans Can be Changed Into Our Pure Self.

The Time Has Come For Our Education Leaders from President Obama, Bill Gates, President Clinton, the Google Bosses, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfry, Sheikha Mozah, Meera Gandhi, Queen Noor and Mayor Booker etc. to Wake up to Real Education Reform.

In mindfulness the Buddha gave mankind an effective tool to purify the self by removing the emotional baggage from the self. By calmly observing the self observing the self observe the self through becoming aware of one’s emotional and physical sensations and thoughts. The emotional baggage, in the form of emotional slaps and hurts to the self are virtually emotional mines buried in the unconscious emotional self, unknown to the conscious self. By focusing on each specific physical sensation, the unconscious emotional baggage causing this sensation becomes conscious. Once conscious this emotional baggage causing past episode is re-lived again and again in the light of the current reality, causing the emotional baggage to gradually disappear leaving the self free. Repeated mindfulness takes out all the emotional baggage/bad memories from the self, making the self pure.

Mindfulness is about watching the whole self’s sensations, thoughts and perception, under the microscope of the reality of the current self; the old out dated feelings/sensations dissolve, leaving the self to experience/interpret life in current reality. Mindfulness purifies the self in a slow process. Braintecness involves breaking down the whole self into its components; the brain generated self, the mind generated self and the pure self. Braintecness detects the exact component of the whole self that needs purifying and it works on fixing just that component.

Braintecness is observing your defective emotions and reliving your defective emotions emotionally through your brain, mind and pure self separately and collectively. While at the same time watching your mind, watch your mind watching your brain, watching your brain watch your mind watching the indulgence in braintecness through the pure self watching both the brain and mind. Each watching the other and being aware that each is observing the other while at the same time experiencing it all in pure emotions as much as possible.

The emotionally challenged behavior takes place in biochemical reactions in the brain. As soon as the thought comes to indulge say in a bad habit like smoking, focus your pure self’s eye on the brain’s biochemical reactions that produce the smoking urge. Just imagine as if you are observing and can see the brain’s biochemical reactions. Experience experiencing with full emotional focus, as if the pure self’s emotional urge not to smoke, goes through the brain’s emotional urge to smoke, tearing apart the urge of the brain to smoke.

The big question is how to identify which sensation and which thoughts originate in the brain, the mind and the pure self. The emotional baggage comes mostly from the unconscious brain. Most emotionally challenged behavior is a result of the emotionally challenged brain and so anything that embarrasses or harms one’s well being comes from the brain. Trying to control one’s bad habits and feelings of concern for the consequences of bad behavior come from the mind. The pure self expresses itself from time to time in the form of one’s conscience.

Braintecness enables bringing the brain and mind generated sensations and thoughts on the same page as the pure self, by identifying with the pure self and observing through the eye of the pure self, one’s brain generated self image and the mind generated self image. As one learns to practice braintecness and keeps taking out the emotional baggage of the brain and mind, the self generated by the brain and the mind start to become more and more pure and as a result the two impure selves start to evolve into and merge with the pure self.

Just imagine if one could live life as one’s pure self/consciousness. The time has come when we can purify the self almost to pure consciousness. The closest one can come to pure consciousness is through a pure brain. A pure brain is an emotional baggage free brain, which the Buddha addresses through mindfulness and we are addressing through braintecness.

Buddha’s main purpose of mindfulness is to purify man into pure consciousness. However Buddha’s mindfulness is used by the mind sciences, only to the extent of trying to take out just some of the emotional baggage as our mind experts are still not convinced that the Buddha’s main goal of making man into pure consciousness is ever possible. We believe the Buddha’s aim to make man become pure consciousness is now almost quite possible. All we need is to combine the latest advances in emotional baggage removal with our own braintecness and purify the brains of the masses into pure consciousness. Just imagine if one could live life as one’s pure consciousness. The time has come when we can purify the self almost to pure consciousness.

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