Sajid Khan
2 min readMar 26, 2021


Dear Medium Team: Please take up Emotional Health activism as a group.

The Medium Team and all fellow writers must get together and apply constant pressure on the Biden-Harris team to take up action on America’s #1 crisis that is the mother of most American problems. I have been drawing their attention to the emotional health crisis. But no attention is being paid to my emotional health activism. Our whole Medium Team must join hands and pressure the Biden Team to fully fund Emotional Health.

Organizations like your own must not just write about problems and their solutions, you must get the union and state governments to create a national policy to make America wise/EH (emotionally healthy). I have 700+ comments, published in the NY Times like the following:

“I got elected to solve problems,”- President Biden. Unfortunately, Biden is not even aware of America’s #1 problem, the mother of most problems. There are too many fires burning. Biden says he is going to tackle a fire or two at a time. There is a single fire that is fanning all the other fires, and unless this fire is put out, none of the other fires can be put out. It is like this mother of fires keeps providing the intense heat to keep all the fires lit no matter how much effort, time, and money is spent. As a result, all that Biden is doing is trying to manage the heat and the smoke. This mother of all fires is caused by ignorance about emotional health. Emotional health is misdefined as mental health, and thus emotional health is under the radar screen of our leaders and experts. Emotional health problems are provided mental health solutions. Above all, America needs the creation of a fully staffed Emotional Health Department headed by a powerful cabinet secretary with independent charge. Every single cabinet must have its own emotional health department. We need emotional health hospitals and university departments. We need emotional health therapy. We need new professions of emotional health coaches, teachers, inspectors, therapists. I even have a plan to create emotional health apps. The health of health, education, society, prosperity, social standards. etc., springs from a solid foundation of emotional health.

I would like to share my own innovations with your team. Please google, ‘sajid wisdom einpresswire.’

Please also consider virtual conferences where prominent leaders can discuss specific problems and their solutions. Let’s start with the need for a national emotional health policy.

Kind Regards