Sajid Khan
4 min readApr 1, 2020


Develop Your Third Eye While In Quarantine.

The Third Eye; Everyone has it, including You.

The third eye is always there, it is you. Develop it to your full potential. Develop you to your full potential.

Take advantage of all the time you now have staying home.

While at home with all this time, use it to develop your self to your full potential. Emerge from this crisis with a much stronger mind, brain and body. Learn to effortlessly experience pure happiness. Develop authentic relationships and learn to live in the now.

Awaken and exercise your third eye and make it in charge of all your behavior, including the behavior of your brain. The third eye is always there, it is you. Develop it to your full potential. Develop you to your full potential.

From the earliest times the ancients have stressed the importance of the third eye in self improvement. It is a major tool in yoga for focusing on the emotional holes. The third eye is none other than the mind/self/I. With the third eye you observe your emotions without judgment. It is the I observing the I. The self observing the self. The mind observing the mind. But I would like to suggest to use your third eye to observe your brain and to separate your mind/I/self from the brain and to absorb absorbing the experience of observing the mind observing the brain.

Emotional reactions can originate from your brain, and/or your mind. Consider a shy person. The person knows that there is no reason to be shy so he feels frustrated and angry at his shy behavior. He thinks he is shy. So he accepts it and tries to adjust as best he could. By focusing the third eye on the current rational reasons for his shyness he will find that it is the brain’s established memory guided pattern of perception that compels him to be shy. The current behavioral response is frozen to earlier embedded emotions. These embedded memories are what drive the brain to behave in a shy manner.

By placing the brains habitual patterns in contextual mindfulness, that is observe that you/I/self/mind is absorbing the current shy behavior in the context of past shyness compelling experiences. Absorb that the brain is perceiving the current outside in experience as if the situation is still the same as it was in childhood. Absorb that much has changed during and since that time. You are no longer the dependent child. The current shy behavior is an unconscious responsive behavior. Wake up to the fact that it…