Sajid Khan
2 min readFeb 28, 2021

How Do You Address The Problem If You Are Frustrated With Your Mental Health Provider?

My advice to all those who are frustrated with their mental health healers.

Mental health is a challenge for many different reasons. Above all mental health affects 10% while emotional health adversely affects 80% of the population. Our experts diagnose them both as mental health problems. As very often the cause itself is misread then you can imagine the mess our mental health industry is in.

he first step is to figure out if it is the inner personality that needs retuning or it is due to adverse external circumstances. For example the current COVID crisis has made mental health worse for many.

The fact that you are concerned about your mental health is a good sign. It means your mind is aware of your problem. Acknowledging the problem is a very big first step.

You probably think that the whole you is mentally challenged. May be your doctor made you feel that there is much wrong with you.

My approach is different. Rest assured you are not defective. Only a part of your brain needs retuning. Please understand I am not qualified to treat mental illness. I had huge emotional health issues myself. So I stumbled into researching my own ‘insanity’. I was very depressed and often thought of suicide. I eventually figured out that I was OK, only a part of my brain needed retuning. It seems you have a similar problem.

I realized my own life lessons have universal applications.

Try my path to better mental and emotional health.