Sajid Khan
3 min readJun 22, 2020


I Need Partners And Mentors To Make A Movie On My Wisdom Formula.

We are going to create a clear cut path to making the world wise and spread the knowledge through a feature movie.

Wisdom above all is pure love and just as love is an emotion so is wisdom. Wisdom is an emotion that springs from an emotionally healthy brain. In fact wisdom is emotional health (EH). Wisdom is the smoke where EH is the fire. Our experts try to create smoke without lighting the fire. No wonder the world is emotionally challenged when it can be emotionally healthy.

Our experts lump the brain and mind as one when these are two separate entities. As a result we have full focus on just mind education and brain education is not only neglected the brain is even miseducated. I have a clear step by step plan for brain education. Emotional health (EH)/wisdom is a function of brain health and as the brain is miseducated our EH/wisdom is also miseducated. Brain/wisdom/EH education is mainly upbringing education.

I have reduced whole book ideas into single songs: Here are two songs I have produced: Upbringing (It is all about upbringing! Get upbringing right and the world will become wise).


My wisdom 3.0 formula has applications in education, health, society, relationships, happiness and peace etc. I need to make movies, songs, paintings, apps, sculpture, seminars, etc. on wisdom and especially upbringing and deep brain relaxation. Wisdom…