On Medium, the greatest site for world changers, we must jump to making Apps out of our ideas.

Sajid Khan
2 min readOct 24, 2022

Upbringing/Wisdom App.

Creating a Thriving World Order Brimming With Health, Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity is all About How we Answer the Question, Who am I?

The potential for mastery of life starts at the upbringing level. It is all about how parents sculpt the infant’s self-image. The quality of consciousness is set by embedding selflessness in the brain. Parents create trophy self-images instead. Resulting in an emotionally challenged brain that projects an emotionally challenged mind/self-image. For the vast majority, attention shifts from living a pure life to acquiring trophies. Every aspect of life is effectively polluted. Giving rise to all the ills of society, creating a mess of social standards.

Parents create four grades of self-images that shape the current chaotic world order.

I am a trophy. I am all that counts. This level creates homeless, insane, fanatics, murderers, rapists, dictators, etc. -2.

I am not a trophy but must become one by hook or crook. Crooks and opportunists. -1.

We are all trophies, but I am the best one. Egoistic. +1. (The majority of Americans are at this level. The improvement from +1 to +2 is relatively easy.)

I am who I am. How I serve humanity is all that’s important. Wise/Emotionally Super Healthy. +2.

A mandatory manual for upbring needs to be created that ensures; I am who I am in self-images’.

We bring up our daughters humble and our sons macho. Machoness is an emotional illness, while humility is emotional health that generates wisdom. So we bring up our sons emotionally sick and our daughters wise. Any wonder women live longer, commit far fewer crimes, are more responsible in life, etc.

An upbringing shift needs to take place. Parents need to create ‘I am who I am, self-images in all our children. Just imagine the shape of the world order where our sons and daughters are all +2!