Sajid Khan
2 min readMar 1, 2021


Re: The Governor Cuomo Sex Scandal.

The face does not lie. One can clearly see that Cuomo has a sex addiction problem. His face is very clearly covered with sexual hunger and tiredness. His accusers are definitely telling the truth.

What bugs me is that every time a sex scandal comes to light, no attention is paid to the underlying cause. 12% of Americans are addicted to sex, and the numbers are rising. Sex addiction is a disease, and nothing is being done about it.

The problem is sex addiction is even more prevalent amongst our leaders. The litmus test for sex addiction is the oily sweat that one can see on the face. It is due to the side effects of the addicted brain pumping excessive sex hormones. Take a close look at our top leaders, and you will find the evidence on their faces.

Our leaders’ most severe sex addiction is an addiction that switches on the desire for sex without the switch going off. The mind and brain discover the pleasures of sex at an early stage, around the age of 10 -12, when the physical body is not yet ready for sex. So this is a disease that is caught in childhood. Are our leaders going to wake up to too much sex on TV etc.? Children have to be shielded from this destructive exposure to sex.

Also, sex addiction is an emotional addiction, which means it is a brain addiction, and there is no brain therapy, so our leaders, once stuck, cannot get healed even by the best medical experts.

I can help, but will they even admit that they have this disease? Will they help America get free of this rising epidemic?