Sajid Khan
5 min readMar 30, 2016

Science and Religion; Two Sides of the Same Coin or Different Coins?

In science every quest is approached with a question mark. In religion it is already laid out as law. But if we examine the religious domain then we can see that religion’s goal is the manifestation of the divine soul. In science this domain is still fuzzy though the goal of the mind sciences is now becoming the actualization of the full humanness potential; the development of emotional intelligence to the +2 super mature level. The divine soul is the very essence of man which is the same as the goals of science to make every one as loving and as human as possible.

It is clear that when it comes to wisdom, religion boldly tells you to follow the ways of the wise. No wonder religion wants you to follow the wise path as law! Because main stream science won’t even define wisdom; and has more or less abandoned the research of wisdom. I think religion is the winner here. Perhaps the Prophets knew that till mankind is able to find out and define wisdom, wisdom ways must be enforced by law! And who can blame religion for this?

As I have said you can have wisdom and become wise through upbringing, through wisdom (brain) education or by grinding down ignorance via experiencing reality/truth over several decades. Or you can learn wisdom behavior and follow the wisdom path. So who can blame religion for making you behave wisely by law!

Religion says again and again that the word is the bottom line. And the word is what describes the truth. The word is the concept/description of truth. Science says it is the concept/phenomena behind the forces of nature that man must define as close to reality as possible. Which means both are trying to get to the very nature of truth/reality.

The ultimate goals of science and religion are one and the same: the emancipation of man. They are not only the two sides of the same coin; they are two paths describing the same coin: the ultimate context of human beings in our universe. Religion seeks to teach us the truth and science works to uncover reality. Reality and truth are the same entity. Thus the goals of both are the same. At least as far as the mind sciences are concerned both seek the same goal. Religion seeks to give man wisdom. Science seeks to give man emotional intelligence. At the most developed level of emotional intelligence the brain’s quality is wisdom. So the words may be different but the truth and the reality is the same. Even the paths may be different but the destination is the same; to give man wisdom/emotional intelligence.

In one word religion wants you be good and do good, to know and follow the truth. Science wants nothing but the same. They both want man to actualize his full emotional intelligence/wisdom potential.

Both science and religion are saying that you can make your self capable of knowing, understanding and becoming your true self by developing your mind to it’s highest potential.

Science is about uncovering the truth, religion is about living the truth and psychology is about becoming capable of living in the real world. Jesus is telling us how to achieve all these goals by becoming the spirit/mind through being born again. Which means by retooling the brain to project a fully developed mind/spirit/soul.

‘Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit[b] gives birth to spirit.’ This insight from Jesus has huge practical applications for all the mind sciences, from medical to psychology. It even unifies the aims of science and religion. Some of the very practical lessons are as follows if we understand the clue and interpret the brain as flesh and the mind as spirit:

1) The brain and mind are very clearly two different entities. In order to understand man it is essential that we understand the nature and function of these similar but very different components of the human self. One is flesh/body/brain and the other is spirit/soul/mind.

2) ‘Spirit gives birth to spirit’ means that we have to use not our flesh(brain) but only our Mind(the Divine part in us) to be born again as our mind. So again it is very essential to be able to know how to use our mind to become our mind.

3) We are born as flesh(brain) and immediately our mind begins to form. It is a matter of cultivating and nurturing the development of the human mind by following insights from the Divine Mind.

4) The purpose of life is to become the human spirit, the fully actualized human mind. In science and medical terms it means to develop one’s mind to the super mature level. Thus the aim of religionand the aim of science is exactly the same — The full actualization of the brain/mind, flesh/spirit human potential. Both are saying that we must become our pure self/spirit/mind.

5) In order to be able to pursue a pure life one has to be capable of knowing, understanding and becoming one’s true self. Science and religion are both saying to over come the self-centered barriers of the undeveloped brain/flesh.

6) In science the only way to comprehend life is to have a super mature emotionally intelligent mind that will interpret life exactly as it is. Religion uses the the word truth which is exactly the same as actual reality. Both are showing the way to comprehend and become our optimum self through developing our spirit/soul/mind capacity to comprehend the truth.

7) This insight from Jesus is bringing science and religion on the same page. So as far as emotional intelligence/wisdom is concerned science of religion is science and the science of science is religion. In fact Jesus is telling science to wake up to the fact that brain and mind are two separate entities and that it is essential to distinguish the differences and the similarities of the two.

8) Jesus is clearly saying to use the Mind(the insights of the Bible) to develop the mind. So we have to look for clues from other parts of the Bible to teach our selves how to become our minds.

9) Science helps religion and religion helps science; they are not contradictory. The only part of religion that is fuzzy in the eyes of science is religion’s divine and eternal part. As for the rest they are both on the same page.