Sajid Khan
3 min readApr 1, 2020


The Coming Mental Health Crisis needs To Be Addressed.

Right now the worry is as to how long this virus crisis will continue. Will we be able to eliminate it like polio or will it become a permanent fixture like a flu. The question is will we conquer it or will it destroy us. It has already destroyed life as we know it. There are lots of lessons we need to learn in order to prepare for the changed life that is upon us and is coming. We need to be prepared among other problems for the coming massive mental health crisis. From unemployment, depression, sleeplessness, bad relationships, bankruptcies, lack of entertainment, from sports to the club scene; life has already been turned upside down. We are now all Generation N (New). I can bet there is no money allotted in this relief package for mental health services.

Another vital issue we need to look at is the massive shortage for trained professionals like doctors, nurses, health and emotional health professionals. The old educational system where the curriculum is so huge that it takes years and years to educate these professionals will not be adequate for the immediate unescapable demands. We need to shorten the courses to address specific health issues. Above all we need happiness counselors.

There are over 40,000 books on happiness and yet not one makes us happy. It is because all these books try to teach the mind happiness but when the brain is wired for unhappiness then it is the brain that needs to be healed. Educating the mind helps towards happiness but it more like ‘Mind Washing’ rather than what is needed — ‘Brain Healing’. For a much quicker road to mental health we need to heal the brain directly. We need to create a quick crash course to create brain healers who create happiness.

We need to create a new profession of brain healers. How a person reacts to a crisis depends on his/her wisdom level. Wisdom is above all pure love and as love is an emotion so is wisdom. Wisdom is an emotion that springs from an emotionally healthy brain. An emotionally healthy brain is a brain that is free of emotional baggage. Thus our new profession of brain healers will actually be brain cleaners that will remove the emotional baggage from the brain. The emotional baggage is the hurts and pains that are playing like broken records in the unconscious brain and also the ‘I am the best’ belief that is imbedded into the mental attitude of most Americans. What we need is a crash curriculum in Brain Therapy. It all boils down to creating a happiness generating ego.

While going for the creation of happiness why not go full steam to create wisdom as these are related issues. Wisdom is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. No wonder wisdom is hard to create as it is like trying to create smoke without lighting the fire. My approach is to create the fire and the smoke will emerge effortlessly.

Not only do I have a simple formula to address the coming mental health crisis my formula will create a wise world that will generate effortless happiness. My formula also has priceless applications that will generate massive employment, wealth, happiness, good relationships, health, peace and above all wisdom.