Sajid Khan
2 min readApr 2, 2020



It is like a fire that we have few means of controlling before it causes irreplaceable damage to our finances, health, happiness, relationships, and emotional health. It is causing pain and suffering and is stealing the hard earned wealth of the rich and savings of the poor.

Similar destruction of society occurs when a society is ignorant and is away from wisdom. The current world order is based on ignorance. Ignorance causes the same irreplaceable damage to finances, health, happiness, relationships, and emotional health. It even reduces the hard earned wealth and savings.

There is a possibility that this is a punishment from the Almighty for how the world leaders have lost the moral compass. Look at the similar damage from the coronavirus and our ingnorant behavior towards others.

America and China have been punished the most for how they are treating those who do not tow their line, and other countries have been punished for how they treat their minorities and their lower sections of society.

Every which way has to be tried to solve the corona crisis. Perhaps the Almighty wants us to treat all groups and countries as equals as we all are His children.

America must lift the sanctions against Venezuela, Iran, South Korea, Russia and Cuba. It is the vast majority of the helpless and poor who are suffering in these countries. Full diplomatic relations must be restored.