The Illuminati World Order Has To Be Understood And Removed.

Sajid Khan
8 min readMay 20, 2019


The ‘Fundamental Unfairness’ is the biggest issue that controls not only the health of different sections of society it determines the world order preventing the different sections of society from harnessing their full human potential. The level and quality of the means to a happy, prosperous, peaceful and healthy life is allocated to whole sections of society by the world order of the illuminati. They have created a system where the Blacks and other minorities remain at the bottom of the social ladder.

The framers of the American constitution were slave owners and the Illuminati. They made sure that America remained for all times to come a society according to their Illuminati world order. Even today America has remained a country that continues to be shaped by the manual created by them. This manual ensures themselves, their families, associates and friends to have all the wealth, power and opportunities to remain on top of the social structure. Immediately below their own status they have put in place policies that produce the second most successful group of society, those that are aligned with them and are their followers, supporters and voters.

The time has come to recognize that the biggest obstacle to the upliftment of all people is the illuminati code that enables them to determine the emotional health of all sectors of society. They make sure that the efficiency of their own kind’s self-image/mind is as perfect as humanly possible and not even their supporters and voters come anywhere as close as themselves in wisdom.

For the Blacks and other minorities they have made sure that these groups remain at the bottom of society with a hard life of discrimination and punishment through unjust laws at every turn of life. These unjust laws have gradually been chipped away with the efforts of Martin Luther King and his followers. However discrimination has seeped into the American culture and is still very much there that makes life difficult for the minorities like the Blacks and Indians and it keeps them at the bottom. The culture is such that even the changed laws are interpreted in discriminatory ways.

The most powerful weapon that the Illuminati use to keep their world order intact is by making sure that their own group remains on top in emotional health, while their own supporters turn out with significant emotional problems so as not to become their equal.

The Illuminati have made sure that the minorities remain at the bottom by keeping in place policies that create crippling emotional health for the Blacks and others.

Thus there are four different levels of emotional health created by the Illuminati to ensure their world order:

1) (+2) A super mature mind and brain by providing the most emotionally healthy upbringing to their own kind. They make sure their own kind have self-confidence that comes from acquiring actual expertise. (+2)

2) (+1) A mature brain and mind by providing the upbringing that creates an egoistic, trophy self-image in their supporters. They have falsely imprinted in the American mind that children must be raised with false overconfidence and that positive thinking is best. ( In their own children they create earned confidence.) This creates significant emotional problems for the vast majority of Americans. America remains an, ‘I am the best’ self-image driven society. This leads to all kinds of social ills. America must wake up to the fact that phony positive thinking and providing the, ‘I am the best’ self-image in every child is causing all these ills of society.

3) (-1) An Immature mind by providing some relief with a mixed bag of carrots and sticks.

4) (-2) A premature mind by making sure through tough laws and discriminatory behavior in the form of severe punishment like beatings, shootings and even killings. They make sure the victims know that they are discriminated against to ensure that the poor victims hate their oppressors. Thus ensuring that the Black self-image is powered by hate. When hate enters the personality it brings with it anger, resentment, frustration, desire for revenge etc. This results in the brain generating toxic biochemicals that negatively affects education and life expertise abilities. So for the Blacks to make a successful life is an uphill task. It is like trying to create a +2 life with -2 ingredients.

Gradually our Black mothers have broken the illuminati code and are providing the upbringing to their daughters that ensures +2 emotional health.

The Black girls are shielded from the harsh reality of discrimination and brought up in a bubble of a make belief loving world. The boys are prepared by making them tough; to be able to face the harsh future world of discrimination. As a result our Black girls are growing up full of love, humility and grace and a confidence that is not phony but is earned through acquiring the expertise in various professional fields. Because of the nature in which the Black boys are discriminated against; their parents, especially their fathers are bringing their boys up macho, full of hate just as the illuminati planned. It is time our Black boys are brought up humble just as their sisters.

A few experts have now started defining positive thinking as having a negative impact on the personality and thus on the life of the individual. Just examine the reason why there is so much mess in relationships that there is over 50% divorce. It is like the value of my behavior towards my wife is half a dollar but in my mind it is a a full dollar. So I give my wife half a dollar and assume that I am giving her a dollar. How will you react if I give you 50 cents and say to you, ‘Here have a dollar’. You will think that I am a cheat or insane or both. Any wonder that relationships are a mess for so many. In fact life itself is full of frustration and unhappiness as one considers one’s self as a trophy without having the means to produce a trophy life.

This policy of creating an, ‘I am the best’ self-image must be abandoned along with positive thinking in favor of creating an earned confidence through the actual mastering of one’s chosen profession. Positive thinking must unconsciously flow through knowing the ropes of life and by mastering the tasks at hand. The trophy self-image is the cause why the majority of Americans are entangled in their emotionally challenged ego that generates all these ills of society like unhappiness, sleeplessness, drug and alcohol addictions, crime, divorce, homelessness, education and society mess etc. And now a government sanctioned weed addiction is coming.

Just by removing the egoistic trophy self-image and replacing it with a humble and selfless self-image America will no longer be chained to the illuminati world order. I have developed a manual for Wise Parenting of the young and Brain Therapy for all others that is even more effective than the manual that the illuminati have for themselves.

America can be transformed from an emotionally challenged country into an emotional health super power by breaking free of the illuminati code just as our Black Mothers have accomplished. Our leaders and experts must ensure that we create only +2 emotionally super healthy self-images in all Americans and the rest of the world.

The success potential for each individual is determined by the quality of the self-image’s own perceived quality level. This level is determined by the rules of the illuminati.

Enabling their own kind to become +2. Their supporters to remain just below and not rise to their own level. By making sure this group gets to become trophy self-images.

This system of creating the vast majority of Americans into trophy self-images has to be be broken and an even better system by creating wise human beings needs to be put in place.

The minorities are deliberately made into victim -2 self-images. This systematic destruction of their success potential has to be replaced with the Wisdom 3.0 Code!

The few leaders I have approached, none stands out as a groundbreaking leader who is grounded to think on his own feet. They just follow the herd of experts who themselves are not brave enough to admit that they are promoting half-baked knowledge.

For thousands of years the experts defined the panacea for the ills of society to be wisdom and as wisdom remained a philosophy they jumped on to emotional intelligence as the cure. Wisdom and emotional intelligence are the same entity. So defining emotional intelligence has the same problems as defining wisdom. They are both described by their attributes! It is like I want to know the tree and I an being shown its fruits. At the latest Wisdom 2.0 conference not one of the leading experts defined wisdom directly. It is like I want to know and taste the cake and I am being given its ingredients.

Oprah and her experts are labeling emotional intelligence as the cure for the ills of society, Emotional intelligence is the symptom of emotional health. It is the fragrance that stems from emotional health. It is like emotional health is the fire where emotional intelligence is the smoke. No wonder the society mess is as bad as ever as our experts are busy trying to create smoke instead of lighting the fire. I wonder if Oprah and her experts will ever admit that for decades they have been promoting half-baked knowledge.

As long as the brain and mind that are two separate entities are lumped together as just the mind not much will change. For solving the ills of society the focus is on educating the mind. The mind learns and wants to get educated but when the separate brain is wired to generate toxic biochemicals then the mind is helpless. When it comes to mastering emotions it is the brain that needs to be healed.

How come there is no hearing on the fact that the GDP, infrastructure, incomes, inventions keep improving while drug addictions, crime, divorce, education and society mess is as bad as ever. The reason is simple, mind education keeps improving which improves the production of physical assets while brain education is neglected, ignored, and the brain is even miseducated. While we are masters of mind education we are not even good students of brain education. Only by mastering brain education can we become truly happy, healthy, prosperous en masse and peaceful.

Our leaders and the experts like Oprah and Daniel Goleman must either prove me wrong or start focusing on emotional health. Again emotional health and mental health are considered as one and the same when these are two separate entities. Mental illness affects 15% of the population while emotional health affects 80% of the population. Mental illness stems from physical or emotional trauma to the brain. While emotional health is determined by upbringing. The most prevalent emotional sickness stems from providing an upbringing that creates an, ‘I am the best’ trophy self-image. As a result America is a trophy self-image driven society. A lot of emotional and failure issues originate from the fact that America believes in positive thinking. Positive thinking is partly false as in most cases it involves phony overconfidence instead of creating confidence through mastering of professional skills.

Why can’t our leaders and experts understand that the world is shaped by the power of the illuminati who rule it by controlling the emotional health of the different sections of society.

The big question is will our leaders continue to keep repeating their ignorance driven policies or will they at the least review my Wisdom 3.0 plan. Wisdom 3.0 — Today in Education

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