Sajid Khan
2 min readApr 1, 2020


What If The Virus Is Here To Stay?

In the current situation where we have no vaccine and no cure every which way has to be tried. We do not know if this virus is here to stay or will it be eliminated totally. In case it is here to stay then the only way to deal with it is with the Swedish way where the virus is managed and controlled without shutting down the whole economy.

If the virus is here to stay we cannot afford to shut the economy down forever we will have to find ways to work around the crisis. The Swedish leadership is doing the world a big favor in case the virus is here to stay. As the damage from shutting down all work will mean more and more unemployment, hunger, poverty, mental illness, shortages, inflation, bankruptcies, more drug use. There is even the possibility of the run on currencies. All hell will break lose if all work is brought to a standstill if the virus is here to stay; in that case the Swedish way of finding a balance might be the best way.

The good news is that after the virus has run its course it will snuff out about 3% of life. In the end we might have to accept the coronavirus as we have accepted the flu and make adjustments accordingly.

Here are a few steps that may be considered:

1) People entering the airport, bus, ship and train stations must be tested in a controlled area and those with infection quarantined. Every large public space must have designated testing areas and quarantine sections so they are kept separate from the healthy population. From airplanes to trains, ships and buses must have quarantined sections where anyone with systems is isolated immediately and kept away…